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Supported by CCS@University of Tsukuba
Welcome to the Lattice QCD Archive Search Engine

This search engine enables you to search and locate configurations stored in this Archive.

Ensemble Search

Make search with lattice parameters such as \beta, \kappa, or lattice size. The engine is designed to allow searches across configurations contributed by various groups. At present, the interface is simplified for the two-flavor full QCD configurations contributed by the CP-PACS Collaboration. Details of the configurations are given here.


  1. Initially, you can see choices of all possible values for data in the Archive.
  2. Push "radio" button on the value you select, and click "Search" button in the end of each item and at the top.
  3. You can restrict your choices incrementally. You may select one value and do "search". Then, you can see all possible choice under the values you have selected.
  4. If you want to cancel the current search, go back to the previous page.
  5. If you want to go back to the initial condition, push "reset" button.
  6. Repeat search until you specified the value for the ensemble you want to get. Then, push "list configuration" button to make the list. You will see the list of configurations.

Xpath Search

Make direct search of configurations using Xpath. Each configurations in this Archive is described by QCDML.


  1. Input Xpath expression in the text field.
  2. Then, push "search" button to do xpath search.
  3. You will see the list of configuration which match to the xpath expression.

Current Data List

Show the list of files selected with current search.


  1. You will see the table of selected data list with updates values.
  2. Push "XML" button at each data to see QCDML metadata.
  3. Push "Download" button to download the individual file.
  4. To download multiple files:
    • Click check boxes at the data you want to download. Then, push "Get Download Script". You will see the download script. Save and execute it to download.
    • If you want to download all configuration, push "Get ALL Script". Save and execute the script to download.
    • In download script, "wget" is used. You will need to install "wget" if you don't have.

Naming Format of Configuration Files


RgClover spatial size x temporal size - \beta\kappa\c_sw ? series ? trajectory number

Registration and Acknowledgement

This search engine may be used freely. To download configuration files in the Archive, a registration using your mail address is required. This is to allow us to keep track of the locations of downloaded files.

If you use the CP-PACS configurations stored in this archive, please see "Condition" in LAQ HOME .